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Various teaching dossiers have been put together by the International Polar Foundation. These dossiers aim to help teachers introduce subjects such as the Polar Regions, climate and climate change, energy and biodiversity to their students. The dossiers are mainly intended for late primary school (or middle school) teachers (10-12 years old students) and secondary school science and geography teachers.

  • Belgians in Antarctica

    Belgians in Antarctica


    Sixty years after the King Baudouin base, the construction of the Princess Elisabeth Station sees the dawning of a new age for Belgium in Antarctica. This event has stirred the interest of the youth towards the Polar Regions. The International…

  • The station: from the inside out

    The station: from the inside out


    This dossier offers great information on the external and interior design of the Princess Elisabeth Station and suggests several activities which can be done during and after class. The dossier is aimed at children between 12 and 18 years old.…

  • Impacts of Climate Change on Humans

    Impacts of Climate Change on Humans


    This 47 pages teaching dossier details the various impacts that climate change has on mankind. A large number of natural systems are affected by regional climate changes that are caused by an increase in temperatures. The effects of major weather…

  • The ice drift

    The ice drift


    This 4 pages fact sheet explains the forces causing the drifting of the Arctic sea ice. Propelled by the combined action of the winds and currents, the Arctic ice can move up to speeds covering several kilometres a day! This…

  • Polar Science

    Polar Science


    30 pages introducing polar science, explain its developement and contribution to the understanding of our climate system.

  • Water and ice on the earth

    Water and ice on the earth


    16 pages answering common questions: Is there a lot of fresh water on earth? Where does rain come from? Why do icebergs float? Can we recover salt from seawater?

  • Fossil and renewable energies

    Fossil and renewable energies


    14 pages of explanations and fascinating experiments for discovering energy, its origins and distinguishing renewable from non-renewable energies.

  • Astronomic phenomena

    Astronomic phenomena


    12 pages explaining the planetary cycles, the long polar night, aurorae boreales and solar eclipses. Available in French only.

  • Easy classroom experiments

    Easy classroom experiments


    These easy classroom experiments are designed to accompany the International Polar Foundation's teaching dossiers. They aim to anchor students' know-how by putting theory into practice with concrete examples. Available in French only.

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COP22 – time to act on climate change!

COP22 – time to act on climate change!

The International Polar Foundation (IPF) participated in the recent United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change (UNFCCC) Conference of Parties…

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