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Class Zero Emission (CZE) is an educational centre in Brussels, conceived by the International Polar Foundation (IPF), where the IPF organises free interactive workshops for Belgian students (10 to 18 years old) and students who follow a teacher formation and teacher training sessions for teachers.

Check out this picture gallery to get an idea of the workshops.

The workshop has four areas covering four different themes:

  • climate change
  • the Polar Regions
  • polar science & exploration
  • sustainable development

Each of the four spaces makes use of creative teaching tools (3D puzzles of the Arctic and Antarctic, digital flash animations, photographs, films, scientific experiences, games, etc.) to help young students better understand climate change as a whole. By taking part in experiments and interactive games, students will learn about the fascinating world of polar science and realize the importance of adopting a sustainable way of life.

Educational objectives

The workshop has the following objectives:

  • Make pupils aware of the impact of climate change
  • Bring young audiences closer to scientific research
  • Allow pupils to become familiar with the Polar Regions
  • Stimulate pupils to take action themselves

Supporting teaching materials

The following material was developed in the framework of the Class Zero Emission project and can be downloaded free on our website:

 Targeted public

Class Zero Emission is open to schools throughout Belgium's three regions (Flanders, Wallonia and Brussels), grades 5 to 12 (10 to 18 years old).

The workshop can accommodate a maximum of 30 students. A trained member of staff leads the workshop. For groups large than 30 students, it is also possible to run two workshops simultaneously.


The Class Zero Emission workshop is located near to the International Polar Foundation headquarters in Brussels. Here is a google map.

  • CZE is easily accessible from Brussels Midi / Zuid Train Station. From there you can either walk or take bus 78.
  • By foot (15 minutes) from Brussels Midi / Zuid Station
    • walk down the west alley of the station (shops like Exki and Esprit are here) and exit onto Rue de France
    • Walk south on Rue de France until you reach a crossroad with traffic lights ; cross the street at the traffic lights and continue straight onto Rue des Deux Gares (if you see the Philips Tower, you are going in the right direction)
    • Walk straight ahead for 5 minutes.
    • You will eventually come to a Brico hardware store on your right. Iimmediately after you pass the Brico, turn left turn left and head straight to the back of the car park. Be careful not to confuse the entrance to the IPF offices (the courtyard before the Brico when coming from the station) with the entrance to Class Zero Emission (after the Brico Center).
  • By bus (5 minutes) from Brussels Midi / Zuid Station
    • Take bus number 78 (direction Humanité / Humaniteit) to a stop called Deux Gares / Tweestations.
    • You can find the bus schedule on the STIB website.

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