Educational projects

This section lists the various educational projects which are already completed or in the process of completion.

  • Class Zero Emission - UK

    Class Zero Emission - UK


    The International Polar Foundation (IPF) UK Class Zero Emission (CZE) mobile workshop is now running at locations around the UK. This exciting workshop opens up the fascinating world of the Polar Regions through large interactive 3D puzzles of the Arctic and Antarctica. Hands on scientific experiments allow students to learn…

  • Polar Quest

    Polar Quest


    As a follow-up to the International Polar Year, the International Polar Foundation (IPF) launched the Polar Quest project in September 2010, centring around the Belgian Princess Elisabeth Antarctica (PEA) station. Building on the success of the first Polar Quest, a second competition was launched in October 2013. Polar Quest is…

  • Sun Shadows project

    Sun Shadows project


    Pupils and teachers all over the world join forces to measure the shadows of a 1m long stick! You don’t need much to participate, just some sun and a stick!

  • Class Zero Emission - Belgium

    Class Zero Emission - Belgium


    Class Zero Emission (CZE) is an educational centre in Brussels, conceived by the International Polar Foundation (IPF), where the IPF organises free interactive workshops for Belgian students (10 to 18 years old) and students who follow a teacher formation and teacher training sessions for teachers. Check out this picture gallery…

  • APECS Scientific Animations

    APECS Scientific Animations


    During the International Polar Year 2009-2010, four young polar scientists from APECS (Association of Polar Early Career Scientists) set out to prove that it was possible for scientists to communicate research results & conclusions through self-made multimedia animations.

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Learning from COP21 events, how can we all contribute to fighting climate change?

Learning from COP21 events, how can we all contribute to fighting climate change?

As EducaPoles sets out to inform young people and the educational world of the importance of the Polar Regions and climate change, the International Polar…

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