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This section presents the latest news on the International Polar Foundation's educational activities and projects. It also contains general interest news on the polar regions, climate change and sustainable development for the educational world. Our RSS feeds will inform you when news are published on this website.

  • Schools make “Antarctica Day” flags to send to Princess Elisabeth Station


    Schools around the world are making flags to celebrate Antarctica Day which is on December 1st

  • Polar workshop for Italian teachers


    From October 10 to13, the third Polar Summer School for Teachers took place in Naples. National and international experts in polar research, exploration and education were invited to give lectures and workshops, illustrating the relevance of polar science topics and their value for integrating into the Italian school curriculum.

  • Antarctic Treaty Consultative Meeting - new education resource


    Following the Antarctic Treaty Consultative Meeting which took place in Brussels in 2013, IPF has produced a debate exercise which is aimed for students aged 16-18 years. The exercise is based on an Antarctic Treaty inspection report produced in 2012, when an international team travelled to Antarctica to inspect several research stations. In groups, the students evaluate and discuss how well the provisions of the Environmental Protocol to the Antarctic…

  • Inuit students visit the International Polar Foundation


    On 6 May, the International Polar Foundation and a group of Belgian youth had the opportunity to share a day with thirty Inuit students who were visiting Brussels with their college program called "Nunavut Sivuniksavut".

  • Cool science for kids at UK Class Zero Emission workshop


    Students as young as 3 years old have been learning about the Polar Regions and climate change at the mobile Class Zero Emission workshop, which has been touring the UK since January. The workshop has allowed youngsters to get their hands on different parts of the Arctic and Antarctic using 3D puzzles to try and piece together these remote regions, and learn about the habitats and the ice. They also…

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COP22 – time to act on climate change!

COP22 – time to act on climate change!

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