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This section presents the latest news on the International Polar Foundation's educational activities and projects. It also contains general interest news on the polar regions, climate change and sustainable development for the educational world. Our RSS feeds will inform you when news are published on this website.

  • Locating Polar Regions


    The polar regions are the first to be affected by climate changes. The arctic ice flow is gradually shrinking, whilst certain Antarctic glaciers are breaking up and losing mass. We invite you to join a fabulous educational trip to the heart of the polar regions.

  • Where does the water of the Mediterranean Sea come from?


    Alcyon, the boat which undertakes an expedition "from the Mediterranean Sea to the Spitzberg", just went through the Strait of Gibraltar. This is a good opportunity to wonder where the water of the Mediterranean comes from.

  • The Great Oceanic Conveyor Belt


    Since a few days now, the sailing boat Alcyon arrived off the Norwegian coasts. There, the crew could feel the effects of the Gulf Stream, the great oceanic current. Everybody knows that there are currents in the oceans. But we don't imagine what an efficient and fantastic network it is: a circuit where oxygen and nutriments are transported, and which regulates temperatures and climate throughout the earth!

  • Limestone, marble and sea-shells


    On its way from the Mediterranean Sea to the Spitzberg, the sailing boat "Alcyon" sailed along impressive limestone cliffs, on the south coast of England. We often see pictures of these magnificent limestone white cliffs, which can be seen on the English or the French coasts, but also in Australia and in many other places. Have you ever wondered what these stones were made of?

  • What future for fish?


    On their way from the Mediterranean Sea to the Spitzberg, the crew of the Alcyon meet fishing boats of all types and sizes, from the smallest fishing boat to the big trawler. For many people, fishing is a nice afternoon, lazily spent by a lake or a riverside. But fishing, with all its linked activities, is, above all, the profession of 200 million people throughout the world! And all these…

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