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In this section you will find several animations designed and produced by the International Polar Foundation on different topics linked to the polar regions, the way our planet's climate functions, climate change, biodiversity and energy.

Most of these animations are available as CD-ROMS in various languages. Please contact us for more information.

  • Biodiversity in the Fagnes

    Biodiversity in the Fagnes


    This animation focuses on one of the key components of the Fagnes: peat bogs. It shows how peat bogs, which are a unique and sometimes poorly known ecosystem in Belgium, are undergoing the combined effects of climate change and human…

  • Biodiversity in Belgium

    Biodiversity in Belgium


    Although the effects of climate change vary from one place to another, they are appearing everywhere. A number of different phenomena are already being observed in Belgium: the rhythm of life of several species has been disrupted, and "thermophile" species…

  • Biodiversity in the Arctic

    Biodiversity in the Arctic


    Because they are the principle areas on Earth to be affected by climate change, Polar Regions, especially the North Pole where the effects are most noticeable, are particularly important to study. Temperature rise has caused the Arctic pack ice to…

  • Biodiversity - Coral Reefs

    Biodiversity - Coral Reefs


    A coral "head" is composed of a colony of animals (polyps) that live thanks to the presence of plant matter (algae) in their tissue. The collaboration between polyps and algae is one of true "symbiosis", each organism being able to…

  • Biodiversity - Natural Rhythms

    Biodiversity - Natural Rhythms


    The flash animation explains that "phenology" is the study of a species' rhythm of life. A number of things determine the rhythm of life of a species, such as the seasons, the temperature, the duration of daylight, the rhythm of…

  • Biodiversity and Food

    Biodiversity and Food


    Biodiversity is essential for feeding human beings and animals. As a result, if climate change impacts on certain geographical areas, it also affects the people, animals and plants that live there. The effects of these changes vary a great deal…

  • Biodiversity: Invasive Species

    Biodiversity: Invasive Species


    This flash animation explains the interaction between climate warming and the invasion of new species. The first section explains how, by creating new climate conditions, climate change can provide a means for insect invasion into previously unaffected areas and help…

  • The benefits of biodiversity

    The benefits of biodiversity


    The flash animation "The benefits of biodiversity" is part of the CD ROM "Biodiversity & Climate change".The aim of this flash animation is to illustrate the vital role assumed by biodiversity in maintaining an ecological balance, both for the planet…

  • The biodiversity: relocation of species

    The biodiversity: relocation of species


    This animation shows that over the course of the Earth's climate's history, species have often had to move in order to benefit from the types of living conditions that suited them. It also demonstrates how, for various reasons, it is…

  • The biodiversity: climate change

    The biodiversity: climate change


    This animation deals with the topics of biodiversity and climate change. It lays out the main effects of climate change, i.e. the strengthening of the natural greenhouse effect phenomenon that has been caused by our way of life, and the…

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All videos, quizzes, animations and photos are copyrighted to the IPF or to their authors. Please contact us before using them.

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COP22 – time to act on climate change!

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