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In this section you will find several animations designed and produced by the International Polar Foundation on different topics linked to the polar regions, the way our planet's climate functions, climate change, biodiversity and energy.

Most of these animations are available as CD-ROMS in various languages. Please contact us for more information.

  • The benefits of biodiversity

    The benefits of biodiversity


    The flash animation "The benefits of biodiversity" is part of the CD ROM "Biodiversity & Climate change".The aim of this flash animation is to illustrate the vital role assumed by biodiversity in maintaining an ecological balance, both for the planet…

  • The biodiversity: relocation of species

    The biodiversity: relocation of species


    This animation shows that over the course of the Earth's climate's history, species have often had to move in order to benefit from the types of living conditions that suited them. It also demonstrates how, for various reasons, it is…

  • The biodiversity: climate change

    The biodiversity: climate change


    This animation deals with the topics of biodiversity and climate change. It lays out the main effects of climate change, i.e. the strengthening of the natural greenhouse effect phenomenon that has been caused by our way of life, and the…

  • The biodiversity: introduction

    The biodiversity: introduction


    This animation focuses on the concept of "biodiversity" and its importance for human beings. It also draws attention to the various pressures that people place on the natural environment through pollution, growing urbanisation, the destruction of animal habitats, excessive use…

  • Various scenarios: choosing our future

    Various scenarios: choosing our future


    It is only recently that we have come to realise that consuming energy willy-nilly can cause problems. Even today, a part of society continues not to take this into account. However, we are going to have to change this attitude…

  • Improving where we live: intelligent comfort

    Improving where we live: intelligent comfort


    Some building materials require less energy than others to make, transport and install. This is a factor that is rarely taken into account at the moment when it comes to choosing the building materials we use. We can also design…

  • Changing our habits: little things that can achieve a lot

    Changing our habits: little things that can achieve a lot


    It is possible to save a large amount of energy while still maintaining the same standard of living and comfort. All we have to do is save the energy that we use without it really being of any value for…

  • Polluting waste: very embarrassing leftovers

    Polluting waste: very embarrassing leftovers


    Some methods of producing or using energy create waste matter that is toxic andcan no longer be used. This is 'polluting waste'. Some of this waste can be recycled if people take the trouble to sort it (e.g. rechargeable and…

  • Emissions linked to the combustion of fossil fuels: climate change

    Emissions linked to the combustion of fossil fuels: climate change


    The natural greenhouse effect is what makes life on Earth possible: without it, the average temperature would be about 30 °C lower! Most greenhouse gases occur naturally in the atmosphere. But a whole series of human activities has caused a…

  • Geothermal power: heat

    Geothermal power: heat


    Geothermal power involves harnessing heat contained in the ground. Deep below the surface of our planet, our Earth's heat comes mainly from the molten magma core. Close to the surface, part of the heat is also generated by radiation from…

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All videos, quizzes, animations and photos are copyrighted to the IPF or to their authors. Please contact us before using them.

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COP22 – time to act on climate change!

COP22 – time to act on climate change!

The International Polar Foundation (IPF) participated in the recent United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change (UNFCCC) Conference of Parties…

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