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The Polar Regions and climate change CD-ROM is the first of a series of CD-ROMs developed by the IPF. The project was supported by the Walloon Region, Roche Diagnostics, Rai Educational and WWF Switzerland.

On this CD-ROM, you will find 26 flash animations, 8 pedagogical dossiers, pictures and videos as well as some secret bonuses.

All flash animations have been grouped under 3 themes:

The polar regions

  • Locate the Arctic and the Antarctic
  • Night in the polar regions
  • Political situation
  • Description and movement of the ice
  • Polar bears and penguins
  • Polar fauna and flora
  • Exploration of the Arctic
  • Exploration of the Antarctic

The water cycle and the ice on Earth

  • The water cycle
  • Fresh water and ice on our planet
  • The Arctic and Southern Oceans
  • Ice caps and ice sheets
  • How glaciers work
  • Ice shelves
  • Icebergs
  • Sea ice
  • Katabatic winds

Climate and climate change

  • Climate record
  • What is the atmosphere?
  • Why is it cold at the poles?
  • Earth's climate through history
  • The greenhouse effect
  • The complexity of the climate
  • Climate modelling
  • The impact of man
  • How to react?

This Polar Regions & Climate Change CD-ROM is available in 6 languages (French, Dutch, English, German, Italian, Spanish). It can be ordered online via our e-shop.

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