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This comic book, which was devised by the International Polar Foundation with the support of WWF Switzerland and the University of Geneva, aims to draw readers' attention to the issues of climate change and environmental management.

The scenario mentions many problems linked to these themes in both developing and industrialized countries: the effects on flora and fauna, but also on local economies and local populations' way of life. This book seeks to put across the message that the interactions between these many factors are complex and difficult to control.

The comic book is available in paperback in English, French, German and Italian (these paper versions can be bought on our online shop). An online interactive version is also proposed, available in English, French, German, Italian, Greek, Polish, Roumanian and Turkish.

Accompanying teaching dossier

Illustrated teaching dossiers are proposed to enable teachers to make best use of the comic book with their pupils. These dossiers are currently only available in french and english. They can be downloaded from the teaching material section of this website.


Alibert, a young boy from a rich and technologically advanced "northern" country, sees his home city's climate grow gradually colder. A meeting with his Uncle Archill, an explorer at the North Pole, leads him to decide to leave for the equatorial countries, where, he thinks, there is an enormous task ahead of preserving the environment from the ill effects of human activity. His certainties are suddenly challenged when his path crosses that of Hallaya, a young girl from the equatorial zone.


Scenario: Gaël Rougy, Sébastien Acacia, Laurent Dubois
Drawings: Naïko, Jeanjean
Colors: Nasser Earally_Ssn Création Studio.

Project contact

Laurent Dubois / IPF Switzerland
Phone: +41 (0)22 793 79 60
Mobile: +41 (0)76 343 34 63
E-mail: laurent (dot) dubois (at) polarfoundation (dot) org

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