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For two years, between October 2005 and end of 2007, ClimaTIC seeks to bring a large number of schools from all levels from across the world closer to the environment of scientific research, so that pupils can better understand the issues involved in environment change, management of the planet and sustainable development.

Supported by the European Community as part of the Minerva Action, this project is managed and organized by INFOREF, in collaboration with the International Polar Foundation.

Various educational tools will enable pupils to interact with the project:

  • A virtual laboratory offers primary and secondary school pupils a range of teaching activities for developing fundamental skills: the pupils sometimes act as journalists (looking for information, questioning experts, on-site interviews, ....), sometimes as scientific researchers (realizing laboratory experiments, collecting scientific data, formulating and checking hypotheses, ...), and sometimes as politicians and citizens (taking decisions in a simulated environment, measuring their impact and their social, economic and environmental implications, developing everyday strategies at their own personal level,...). This laboratory is the center of interactions between teachers, scientists and expedition teams.
  • A interactive version of the comic book is available online.
  • Teaching dossiers specially designed for the different pupil levels by a team of scientists and teachers are available on internet. For older pupils, documentation dossiers covering the various aspects of the project will also be available.

ClimaTIC is an international project. Many schools and institutes from 8 different countries are already taking part in the project.
Training courses for this specific project are planned in cooperation with the IPF and the University of Geneva Science-City Link, both of which have extensive experience in this field.

Most of the interactive tools are now available on the climaTIC website. These tools can of course be used by other schools than the one involved in the original project.

Local initiative: ClimaTIC Switzerland

Swiss schools have put together a website in order to exchange, communicate and share the results of their participation to the ClimaTIC project. That website can be used as a resource for those willing to learn about issues related with environment and climate change. The website is open to everyone (available only in French).

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