See your own flag flying in Antarctica!

Antarctica Day 2014

Antarctica Day 2014

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After the success of Antarctica Day 2013, we invite you to get creative and design a flag to celebrate Antarctica Day 2014. Selected flags will be flown at the Princess Elisabeth Antarctica station to celebrate the peaceful protection of this fragile continent.

Antarctica belongs to no one. It is the coldest, driest and windiest continent with temperatures as low as -89 °C. On 1st December 1959, the Antarctic Treaty was drawn up to maintain peace in Antarctica. There are now more than 50 nations bound by the Antarctic Treaty System, collaborating to protect the environment and sharing their scientific research.

All over the world schools will be designing flags to celebrate Antarctica Day on December 1st. Students can draw on this peaceful international agreement, the scenery, science and wildlife of Antarctica to inspire their flag designs. Here are instructions to make the flags and deliver to us in time to get to Antarctica by December 1st!

Selected schools may have an opportunity to speak to a scientist at the Princess Elisabeth Station in Antarctica via skype.

This activity is organized in collaboration with Our Spaces. For more information and inspiration, view this short video and see the Facebook page of Antarctica Day.

We look forward to seeing your creations!

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