Which Animal Species Are Endangered in the Arctic?

The Arctic has many species of animals that are very well known to us all, including the polar bear.

Under the pack-ice of the Arctic Ocean lies the sea, of course. And that sea is teeming with animals, such as seals or fish; in fact there is a whole host of marine life, just like in any ocean. You even come across whales from time to time.

It's true that climate change has raised the level of awareness concerning the future disappearance of these animals, because these species are totally suited to this marine environment. Polar bears feed on seals, which they catch around the seals' holes in the ice. These holes are breaks in the sea ice through which seals come to the surface to breathe. This implies that polar bears need ice to be able to find food. The day all of the ice will have disappeared - and this is already beginning to be the case, especially in the spring and summer time around the coastline of the Arctic where it is receding more and more - will mean that polar bears in some places will find it hard to catch food and will starve.

This entire ecosystem will gradually be threatened in these areas and, if it continues, polar bears are doomed to disappear.


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