Have You Ever Encountered Animals During an Expedition?

During my expeditions I have, of course, come across animals from time to time. When there is water, we sometimes see seals. And, out there in the middle of the Arctic, we see a few birds, particularly when we are near the coast.

But, the most mysterious animal of them all - and the one that I fear the most - is, of course, the polar bear. First and foremost, because if a polar bear decides he wants to attack me, he is much stronger than I am. So, I could be in for a bad time - or simply come off worse and not return home at all from that type of encounter.

This is why you have to be on your guard at all times and keep an eye out for bears, especially at the beginning of an expedition. But let me tell you that I have come across dozens of bears on my travels and that, from time to time, I have even found myself face to face with one without any weapon. When this happens, I talk to the bear and try to keep calm, obviously, especially when I have no means of defence and that he is there, just in front of me.

So even though I may be afraid, I stay calm and suggest to him he might like to go somewhere else, because here may not be the best place for him to stay.


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