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  • The Polar Regions: The First Areas of the Planet to Be Affected by Climate Change

    The Polar Regions: The First Areas of the Planet to Be Affected by Climate Change


    The third animation in the Class Zero Emission series is dedicated entirely to the Polar Regions. You will be able to learn more about the Arctic and the Antarctic, different types of ice and aspects that differentiate the two Polar…

  • What are the Arctic and Antarctic?

    What are the Arctic and Antarctic?


    This animation gives a general presentation of the Arctic and Antarctic, their geographic location, and the differences between winter and summer ice covers...

  • Description of ice types

    Description of ice types


    This animation explains the formation of the two types of ice (terrestrial and sea ice) in the Arctic and Antarctic. The differences between summer and winter ice coverage are also presented.

  • Polar bears and penguins

    Polar bears and penguins


    The animation looks at the distribution of two emblematic species, polar bears at the North Pole and penguins at the South Pole.

  • The Arctic and Antarctic Oceans

    The Arctic and Antarctic Oceans


    This animation gives details on the two polar oceans, with details of fronts and currents for both of them.

  • Ice caps or Inlandsis

    Ice caps or Inlandsis


    How ice caps are formed, in the Arctic and Antarctic, explained with a series of cross-sectional animations.

  • Ice-shelves



    Presentation of the Antarctic ice shelf, formation and surface area compared with terra firma.

  • Ice floes

    Ice floes


    Description of the variations in size of the ice floes at the two poles, month by month. With photos of the various components of ice floes.

  • Icebergs



    An animation explaining how icebergs are formed, the breaking of the ice shelf, with an illustration of the breaking of the Larsen ice shelf.

  • Why is it cold at the poles?

    Why is it cold at the poles?


    Discovery of the concepts of solar radiation and albedo, which explain, among other things, polar temperatures.

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