Class Zero Emission: climate change experiments dossier

CZE: climate change experiments

CZE: climate change experiments

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This experiment booklet is designed for sixth form students (15-18 years old). It allows students to work independently, learning through experiments about the key role of the Polar Regions play in the Eath's climate system. Given the broad nature of climate change issues, the experiments are interdisciplinary and provide a cross-curricular learning experience, linking to a range of subjects including biology, geography, citizenship, physics and chemistry. In addition, they offer the opportunity to students to acquire research skills. The experiments are based on 5 interlinked themes:

Sea level rise


Thermohaline circulation

Ocean acidification


Each theme is introduced by a background information sheet, followed by a description of the experiment and a worksheet for students to complete. Model answers for the worksheet are available. These experiments have already been extensively tested in Class Zero Emission workshops, organized by the International Polar Foundation. 

The experimental booklet is available in English, French and Dutch. With the help of the Polar Summer School for teachers, albedo, ocean acidification and thermohaline circulation have been translated in Italian.


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